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i’m not even up to punk hazard yet i’m still on fishman island but i’ll be damned if my first screenshot redraw isn’t of my forever girl

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that one ship that makes your entire body and soul hurt when you think about it


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Luffy in a nutshell.

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Franky is out and proud.




no but galaxy quest is legitimately the best movie ever

  • it’s a love letter to fandom — it totally subverts the “gross man-child in the basement” perception of a fanboy and it’s the fans’ dedication to the show that saves the day
  • i repeat: the fandom saves everyone’s lives
  • the omega-13 is such a cool idea like it tosses out the paradoxes involved in time travel by so sharply limiting the amount of time you can go back: it only gives you enough time to undo one terrible mistake, and only if it’s so bad and so huge that you realize immediately how bad it is
  • like no this is a parody movie but it has a smarter plot and more interesting characters and more genuine emotion than like ninety percent of serious sci-fi movies
  • tony shaloub spends the whole movie high as balls
  • the aliens are actually, you know, aliens and the reason they look human and speak english is actually addressed and justified
  • it’s absolutely hysterical like guy fleegman is one of the funniest characters ever filmed i just
  • alan rickman gives me life
  • the hero that comes in at the last second to save the ship and the thermians and the whole crew is a teenage fanboy who succeeds because he’s a fan do you understand how amazing that is like patrick stewart initially refused to watch the movie because it looked like it would be cruel to the fans but then he was almost in tears when he actually saw it because it got fandom right and it’s all about the fans
  • no but the whole plot is centered around people (and aliens) being inspired by fictional heroes and believing in them and using that belief to give them strength and hope and going to great lengths to create amazing things or work up beautiful, accurate theories out of nothing more than love that’s amazing
  • this movie is freaking perfect okay
  • freaking
  • perfect

I fucking love this movie. I saw it in the theater with my family, and we are ALL Trek fans, and it was us and this one other family in the entire theater who actually got it, and we basically were laughing so loud

and as I get older I just

it’s still perfect

ALL of this.

Galaxy Quest is my favourite Star Trek movie.

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Make Me Choose Meme

Put two characters, ships, canons of any kind, whatever into my inbox and I’ll choose my favorite and make an MS Paint doodle of it.

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OP; 'Male Bonding'

"In which Zoro teaches Chopper what it means to be a man,"


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this the rawest shit i ever seen in my life

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that’s how i want current arc to end

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